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High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant


Our organization engaged in providing High Vacuum Transformer Oil Filtration Plant, which is available at competitive rates. These Oil conditioning plants are specially designed for continuous trouble free operation and are suitable for outdoor use under all types of climatic conditions.

Control cabinet:

A sturdily built easily accessible control cabinet housing all the electrical control gears like contractors, circuit breakers, selector switches, isolators, digital temperature controller, interlocking features, etc are provided. All the wiring is neatly routed and all wire terminals are suitably identified with number ferrules.

Interlocks/safety Controls:

The gear pump is interlocked with the heater elements in such a way that unless the gear pump is switched on, the heater elements cannot be energized. The gear pump and level monitor in the degassing chamber are interlocked in such a way that when the oil/foam level in the degassing chamber increases beyond the desired level, the gear pump is put OFF, so that there is no more oil flow into the degassing chamber. The digital temperature controller provided puts OFF the connected heater bank when the set temperature is reached.

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